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Old Brown Early History

Upgrades when Old Brown Was Young
Second disc brake.
Standard on European 650s. In the 70’s CRRC was using turns 3 and 4 on the banking at Texas World. Over 5000 feet of wide open throttle to a narrow sweeper into the infield. With a single disc the front brakes became soft from heat. The second disk helped slow 450 lbs of motorcycle going to turn one without wobbling off into the space.

Flat Bars

Comfy on the road and on the track.


4.25 x19 front tire

A Goodyear 510 x 16 Harley tire on the back.

Which actually worked pretty well.


The engine was a pretty straight-forward

Wiseco 750 kit.

Stock Cam

1974 Rejeted 38 millimeter Carbs

Foam air cleaners

2 into 1Hooker Header with not much of a baffle



Old Brown in the new millennia







She turns 45


First Run

Misc docs




82 Engine

2 into 1 pipes and BS 38mm carbs

Stock alternator        XJ 700 Rect / regulator

1982 TCI sender to XJ700 Igniter box

Mag Wheels and Disks


TX-A 650

38mm Forks from mid 80’s XJ700

XJ Triple Tree

XS Lower Bearing

XJ Upper Bearing

XJ Front Wheel

XJ Dual Disk Twin Piston Alloy Brakes

XJ Front Fender

78 Special Rear Swing Arm

78 Special Disk Brake

78 Special Cast Wheel ( one big hunk of metal )

TXA Stock Fuel Tank



The guys making Kenny Roberts fast said to use 1.5 pipes 32 inches long. My buddy Ted had a bike with open pipes built to that spec. That bike sounded awesome around TWS.

The Hooker Header and its descendants work very well with out being earsplitting


Suggested Engine Upgrades

700 CC Piston Kit bored out stock barrels Auto Machine Shop Job

38MM VM Carbs

Stock Cam

Buba HEI System Dodge hall effect GM Module

Cleaned Up Ports

Barnet Clutch and Springs






Proposed Engine rebuild
700 piston kit

Stock cam

BS38 Vacuum carbs

Titanium keepers  ???

1.5 inch x 33 inch header

Banshee style PM CDI- charger



2-28-16 old brown 1

  3-8-16 old brown 1

oil drain safty wires3-11-16 Old Brown0016